I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, which is good. Other teachers and their ‘yoga voice’ are always available. I am always humbled, privileged and amazed at yogis sharing their yoga practice with me. I guess I must be pretty good at what I do and for that I am grateful (I’ll deal with my over inflated ego some other time). But don’t take my word for it, here’s what other people have to say…


"My daughter and I have only had the pleasure of meeting you once Chris, but you touched us with your warmth and humour. My dauagther said she fell in love with yoga on that day and wants to come back to you" LH

"Chris, sadly my step mum died yesterday evening. We were able to care for her at home as she had wanted. Her sister told me last night how you had given her so much strength and calmness when you did yoga with her. I think this continued to the end. Amazingly she was able to walk 5 miles not long after a yoga practice and was always keen to hear of my own yoga journey.” Thank you TQ

"Thank you Chris for an amazing yoga session, the time went to quickly I could of carried on longer"

"Don't ever be serious! Your yoga is for real people and you being you makes it accessible" HHH 

"Brilliant session thank you Chris! We've missed being on the mat with you" & "Thank you for an amazing practice, just what I needed" AC

"I missed your meditations Chris really love them. You should make a CD" SM

"Elbows are... nice" Pahaha, I just couldn't stop sniggering 😂🤣😂 Don't ever change Chris" VP

"20 minutes of calm in the car before school pick up. Thinking of you and all you have taught me Chris Stookes" ELG

"thanks for a great yoga session Chris. Since coming to your yoga sessions my life has changed so much for the better" SR

"Early morning yoga class with Chris Stookes lovely! Set up for the weekend!! PM

"I refuse to do yoga with anyone other than you!" LF